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EMBEDDED FREQUENCY TECHNOLOGY used in iQ ™ products was developed by American scientists. It is based on the human bioenergy fields frequencies resonance, which can boost the body's efficiency by running the full potential of physiological functions. Like acupuncture and acupressure, iQ ™ products can be placed in appropriately selected areas of the body in order to influence the specific energy centers, or to improve energy flow.
Every body should be harmoniously configured. The human body is surrounded by a naturally occurring bioelectromagentic field created by the bioelectric activity of the cells of all tissues. This field is constantly responding to internal and external factors. Every day human energy field is exposed to the whole mass of negative stimuli.
Blinking monitors, computers, televisions and cell phones, as well as daily stress, are the continuously subjecting attacks of electromagnetic radiation. Each electrical device generates large amounts of positive ions, which interfere with proper operation of the organism.
Disorder caused by the wave field factor has a negative impact on body balance, motor skills, concentration, reaction time, and many other features. Conversely, proper flow control of the electromagnetic field is able to increase the activity of the structures of the body responsible for these functions. Depicting this problem, the human body can be compared to the precision of the instrument, that under the influence of many factors can be put out of tune and its re-tuning requires a specific action. This action may be initiated by iQ ™ products. Some human organisms are balancing the energy potential and the energy flow in the body in a natural way through the reactions occurring by itself. The proper balance allows the body's energy potential for smooth functioning.
IQ ™ products come with a biaxially oriented MYLAR Holographic DISCS, which are charged with from 1000 to 1500 negative ions. Their task is to support and maximize the flow of energy in the body, focus, retent and accumulate many molecules of energy as your body needs to function smoothly.

Medical research emphasize that such ailments as headaches, poor concentration, depression, hyperactivity in children, sleep disorders may also be caused by the impact of positive electromagnetic fields. Negative ions have a positive impact on psychophysical productivity of the body.

Improve the functioning of the circulatory system, dilate blood vessels,
regulate blood pressure, increases its alkalinity. In addition, stabilize the processes of breathing,
reduce heart rate, strengthen bones and the heart and also accelerate recuperation.
With the iQ ™ balance, strength and flexibility of the body can be improved.
FREQUENCY EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGY in iQ ™ products is based on the use of frequencies in accordance with the bioenergetic field of the human body at the cellular level. Products equipped with this technology were developed to resonance with bioenergy field frequencies, that can boost the body's efficiency by running the full potential of physiological functions.

• helps to maximize the efficiency of the body
• helps with the general well-being
• allows you to gain instant benefits in real-time

The most significant impacts recorded in studies of EMBEDDED FREQUENCY include the capabilities of:
• improving balance, strength, flexibility and endurance
• improving of motor coordination
• increasing focus and alertness
• reducing the level of stress and tension
• speeding up the recovery time after exertion
• reducing the discomfort caused by jet lag
• reducing the symptoms of motion sickness
• anti-inflammation
• improving concentration

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